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Carrigaline Chiropractic               

specialising in back pain, neck pain and headaches

Your First Visit

Carrigaline Chiropractic is set in Kilmoney Clinic which is a private doctors surgery. 

Expect a professional consultation with a practitioner who is eager to understand your problem.

How long will it take?

This is a 60 minute consultation. 

A thorough history will be taken by the practitioner. 

A FULL physical examination including; Neurological testing, orthopaedic testing and appropriate biomechanical screening to allow for a complete diagnosis. 

Will I be getting treated on the first visit? 

The practitioner will decide on this visit whether

a) Further testing is required to confirm diagnosis

b) She is unable to help and will refer to someone who can

c) She is content with the diagnosis and will proceed with treatment 

Does the treatment hurt?

The treatment modalities vary from person to person. 

Manipulation is the main treatment used by the practitioner and does not hurt. 

Trigger Point Therapy and Active Release Techniques (for muscles) could also be used which can be quite painful. 

If you do not like a particular technique, you are free to inform the practitioner and she will be more than happy to find a method which suits you.